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Team is committed to offer a broad manufacturing service of CNC machining, cold heading, stamping, spring forming, tube forming & fabrication, plastic injection molding, welding, heat treating, as well as sub-assembling,ect.

Team has a diverse customer base of manufacturers, distributors and catalog-houses across several vertical markets including automotive, electronics, medical, healthcare. outdoors and many more…

Our Products

We are the master of metal works and produce the most reliable and cost-effective solution you are looking for.

Cnc machining parts

CNC machining is a digital manufacturing technology: it produces high-accuracy parts with excellent physical properties directly from a CAD file. Due to the high level of automation, CNC is price-competitive for both one-off custom parts and medium-volume productions.

Stamping parts

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes. It is a complex process that can include a number of metal forming techniques — blanking, punching, bending and piercing, to name a few.

Tube forming & fabrication

We are able to manipulate all tube sizes up to 75mm diameter and any 3D shape you require can be formed using this process.In addition, we also offer mandrel bending for forming tube when tight bends are required without kinking or ovalling.

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Our Factory

Machines Ready For Your Project!

CNC Machining(116 machines)

  • In-house design service
  • Turn-key project management
  • Capacity to machine up to 2.5m long
  • Delcam CAD CAM system
  • Soft prototype or hard production tools available
  • The latest technology Doosan Machining centers
  • Flexible work patterns enable 24hr machining
  • Approved heat treatment on our door step

Stamping(73 machines)

  • 50,000 Sq. Ft. Metal Stamping Facilities
  • Presses Ranging from 5 to 400 Tons
  • Progressive, Compound Blank and Secondary Stamping
  • Material Thickness between .002″ & .500″
  • Low and High Volume Stamping into Millions
  • Deep Draw Stampings up to 6″
  • Welding/Deburring/Finishing/Part Marking/Painting/Plating

Tube forming & fabrication(15 machines)

  • Engineered tubes and tailored blanks
  • Bending, piercing and notching of tubes
  • High strength steel and all other types of materials
  • .010″ to 6″ diameter tubes in a variety of wall sizes
  • Flaring, swaging and all types of end finishes and radii
  • Custom tube fabrication from prototype to production run

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